Sunday School

As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.

Proverbs 27:17

Here at Locust Grove, we offer Sunday School classes for ages 2 through adulthood!
There are two Sunday School sessions held at 9:00 am and 10:30 am during the two worship services.
We encourage you to visit a variety of classes and find where you feel most comfortable.


Greater Purpose

Young families in their 20's to 30's with children often present.

We are trying to learn the Bible and how to apply teachings to our daily lives while living how God wants us to be! Study topics are chosen based on the needs of the class members; such as: marriage, children, or current struggles being faced.

Family Circle

Ages range from 40's to 90's with couples and singles present.

Focus on praying for the current needs of our class, their families, friends, community, and our church family. We appreciate a good discussion based on the Scriptures but are not afraid of rabbit trails!


Ages range is 40 and up with no children present.

We are united in fellowship and praying and are encouraged by studying the truth of God's Word using Right Now Media.

Abundant Life

Couples and singles 65 and over.

We believe in fellowship and meeting needs of fellow class members through prayer and support. A focus of our time together is understanding and applying scriptural truths to bring about life change, allowing God to work our His Plan in our daily lives.

Potter's Clay

Ages range from 40's to 70's with a mix of singles and married couples.

We are a mixed class where everyone is welcome! There is often open, free-flowing discussion and sharing of ideas. We are unique individuals when together make a great group!

Young Adults (College Age)

Singles, ages 18 to 22.

This class has a warm and caring group of young adults seeking to follow Jesus and is a great place to be!



Ages range from mid-60's and up with a mix of couples and singles. No children present.

A class that strives to build each other up through the use of prayer and God's Word as we encourage one another in dealing with daily dynamics of growing older gracefully.

Twenty 7 : 7 Teen

Age ranges from 20's to 30's with a mix of young families, couples and singles. Children are often present.

This class enjoys open discussion on Bible-related topics. We plan social gatherings regularly outside of the classroom and support each other as needs arise. Newcomers are always welcome!

Rolling stones

Ages range from 20's to 30's with a mix of young couples and singles. Children are often present.

Our class composition is fluid as most members are in transitional phases of life. We strive to be a place that is open to discussion and dialog as we study the Bible. All are welcome!

Rising Strength

Age range: 40+; parents of children elementary through young adult.

Our class enjoys fellowship and engaging in discussion of scripture and the sermon each week.  We value the variety of ages and stages represented around the table and embrace open sharing, growing together, and supporting each other with prayer, insight, and tangible encouragement.

Light House

Ages range from 60's to mid-80's with a mix of singles and couples. There are no children present.

We are a diverse class that works well together and have a rotating schedule of teachers. We enjoy studying books of the Bible together.

Soli Deo Gloria - Room 108

Ages range from 50's to 60's with singles and couples present.

We are a caring class that is interested in each person in their day to day lives. We strive to be a place where you can be honest and open about your walk with Christ.

Treasured: Deuteronomy 26:18 - Room 109

Everyone is welcome!